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Equilibria for PC

Genre: ---

  • Published by: MumboJumbo, LLC
  • Developed by: MumboJumbo, LLC
  • Released: Oct 16, 2003
  • Everyone: ESRB Rating
  • Everyone: Genre
  • Action: Perspective
  • Top-down: Gameplay
  • Arcade, Puzzle elements:

Screenshots Equilibria

  • Equilibria 0
  • Equilibria 1
  • Equilibria 2
  • Equilibria 3
Equilibria's game principle is simple. When you start a level, you have a mass or marbles in the center of the screen, where you must remove groups of at least 3 adjacent marbles of the same color by clicking on it.

While you remove marbles, new marbles entering the screen via the marble throwers at all four sides. Those building up a group of marbles (at least 3, at most 15) and throwing it into the screen. All of those marbles will center themselves, which can result in a big regrouping of already placed marbles. When the marble mass reaches the second outer rows, a red blinking square will show up, indicating that the situation is now critical. Once the marble mass reaches the outer row and another group of marbles are shot into the screen at that position, it's Game Over.

The game is divided into levels. In each level, you have to score a certain amount of points by removing groups of marbles (a bigger group rewards more points). Once the score meter reaches the top, you have completed the level, and you proceed to the next one.

While playing the game, you can/must use four special marbles (they are normally shot in like regular marbles): Blocker Marble (does exactly what it says), Time Marble (will slow down new marble throws for a short time), Bomb Marble (blows up adjacent marbles), and Ring Marble (blows up all marbles in the particularly inner square where the marble is located).

The game itself offers three game modes, one is the classic mode mentioned above and one of the other two is a time based game mode.

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