Galcon Fusion for PC

Genre: Action - Strategy/Tactics

  • Published by: Hassey Enterprises, Inc.
  • Developed by: Hassey Enterprises, Inc.
  • Released: Feb 11, 2010
  • Perspective: Top-down
  • Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic

Screenshots Galcon Fusion

  • Galcon Fusion 0
  • Galcon Fusion 1
  • Galcon Fusion 2
  • Galcon Fusion 3
Galcon Fusion is an updated version of the 2006 Galcon desktop game. Starting with an amount of units on a single planet, the player conquers planets which in turn have a production value to produce spaceships which are then used to attack unoccupied planets, enemy planets or defend against enemy attacks. Typically each player starts in a randomly generated galaxy with a single planet under their control. The only controls at the player's disposal is to move spaceships between planets, fortifying areas under attack and attacking planets that are defenceless.

In the basic game the player is presented different kinds of challenges with varying amount of opponents. There are different missions with variations on the basic gameplay. Online multiplayer is also supported.

This updated version (partially incorporating ideas introduced in the 2008 browser/iPhone game Galcon and the 2009 iPhone game Galcon Labs), sports improved graphics, a new soundtrack, new multiplayer, team and single mission games, new game varieties, colorblind support for up to 4 players, and a retro mode where a conspicuously earlier version of Galcon can be played.

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