Iron Grip: Warlord for PC

Genre: Action - Strategy/Tactics

  • Published by: ISOTX
  • Developed by: ISOTX
  • Released: Nov 05, 2008
  • Perspective: 1st-person, Top-down
  • Gameplay: Shooter

Screenshots Iron Grip: Warlord

  • Iron Grip: Warlord 0
  • Iron Grip: Warlord 1
  • Iron Grip: Warlord 2
  • Iron Grip: Warlord 3
The imperialist Confederation has set its eyes on conquering the band of city-states that make up Atelia. You must fight with other rebels in urban warfare against a much more numerous foe to keep your independence in this combo strategy/FPS with tower defense elements by building defenses like machine gun nests or anti-tank turrets and setting traps in an overhead-view and also using your own hands to fight the enemy in FPS view. It uses the Quake 3 engine.

In-game units of Power are used at the beginning of each level to build structures and improve weapons and personal abilities. You can gain more Power with slow increments by continuing to stay alive or by killing enemy soldiers and enemy units such as tanks and mech walkers, and finding treasures on the battlefield. Killing the enemy leader when he appears is also essential to demoralize enemy troops. In multiplayer, you can play co-op with other players.

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