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Vacation Vexation for PC

Genre: Adventure

  • Published by: Nostatic Software, LLC
  • Developed by: Nostatic Software, LLC
  • Released: Mar 02, 2017
  • Perspective: Side view
  • Gameplay: Graphic Adventure, Puzzle elements

Screenshots Vacation Vexation

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Vacation Vexation is an adventure game and the sequel to Quiet, Please!. A family, composed of Dad, Mom, Little Brother and the playing character, a boy, gets, after a boring car trip, to the seaside town where their vacation awaits them. The game begins once the family has arrived: everyone leaves to do something estranged from the others; our controlled boy wishes to just lie on the beach and read his preferred sci-fi book.

Achieving this simple purpose is hindered and delayed by annoyances of all kinds, involving our relatives, other villagers and animals. At any time someone has a problem, they will, in a way or an other, end up by bothering us until we resolve it. To solve puzzles, actions can be performed on interactive elements of the environment, and objects can be used. All found objects are stored in the hotel's Lost and Found room: they can be carried one at a time, dropped wherever, used on an element of the environment, or one with another (for instance, something will be used on a broken kite to repair it).

There is an amusement arcade in the village, featuring a traditional Jaw game machine and three games: Face Invaders (a variation of Space Invaders), Badger (in which badgers must safely make it to their holes crossing an heavy-traffic road and, using logs, a water course), Karate BATTLE! (a side-scrolling game and adaptation of same developer's Kung Ku FIGHT!, which sees a karateka having to avoid or hit enemies and obstacles and survive till rescuing a kidnapped princess). The arcades can still be played once the adventure is completed.

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