Ilha do Empreendedor for PC

Genre: Educational - Simulation - Strategy/Tactics

  • Published by: Insolita Studios
  • Developed by: Insolita Studios
  • Released: Jan, 2008
  • Visual: Isometric
  • Pacing: Turn-based
  • Gameplay: Managerial / Business Simulation

Screenshots Ilha do Empreendedor

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  • Ilha do Empreendedor 1
  • Ilha do Empreendedor 2
  • Ilha do Empreendedor 3
Ilha do Empreendedor (Portuguese for Entrepreneur's Island) is an educational business Simulator, focused in the five steps to open new companies: Opportunity analysis, Planning, Gathering resources, Investment and Opening. Three players play against each other trying to be the most successful business manager in an in a card-game / board-game play style.

Before the game starts, players can customize their characters. The game is turn based, with each turn representing a trimester. At the start of each turn, players can select between an "idea card" or an "event card". Ideas are used to develop new business projects, and they vary from one to four of profit level and can be used at any chosen time. Events can be positive or negative and will affect players business immediately after drawn. The experience ends with full reports on the player's performances and strategies that can be analyzed by a teacher / facilitator.

During each turn players can access the bank to loan money, check their business details, acquire new resources, open new business and check the map. To open a new business, players have to select a placement for it in the island, which is given by the idea used (which can be commercial, industrial or residential). They also have to spend four "resources cards" and invest some money. Resources can be bought in the market, where eight resources per turn are auctioned.

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