Cute Knight for PC

Genre: Role-Playing (RPG) - Simulation

  • Published by: Hanako Games
  • Developed by: Hanako Games
  • Released: Oct 13, 2005
  • Official Site: Cute Knight
  • Perspective: 1st-person
  • Art: Anime / Manga
  • Setting: Fantasy

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An 18-years-old orphan girl is inspired by her guardian fairy sets out to seek her destiny in a nearby city, and the only catch is that her path in life will be set by the time she turns 21. This gives her only three years to learn professions, explore the town and meet its inhabitants, study in the town's college or venture into the evil dungeon below the slums district. Your task is to guide the orphan and make sure she advances in her chosen goal, while still maintaining her health, her funds and her Dream quality.

The game progresses through daily or weekly activities. Important seasonal events (like celebrations, fairs, and competitions) occur at certain dates. There are multiple endings and your success at any specific endeavor (from wining wizardry contests, knightly jousts, beauty or cooking contests to slaying a dragon or wooing a prince) will determine which ending you get. You may choose to take a civilian's path to glory, or to study combat (magic, arms or both), forge, buy, win or scavenger powerful items and potions and fight the inhabitants of the dungeon.

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